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Antioch Chiropractic Center Services

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At Antioch Chiropractic Center, we offer total holistic wellness for all patients with these services:

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Chiropractic care

Natural and holistic, chiropractic centers on your neuromuscular health. Starting with a healthy spine, we make sure your body has what it needs to stay healthy and function properly.


A holistic method of balancing the body’s energy. We use very thin needles to release any negative energy to allow your body to heal.

Exercise recommendations

Exercise is a vital part of ensuring good health and wellness. We’ll set you up with an exercise regimen based on your body’s needs and abilities.

Dietary analysis

Many patients are unaware they have improper eating habits. We discuss these, help them recognize future issues, and provide new strategies to optimize a healthy diet.

Blood testing and analysis

Discovers any nutritional deficiencies present in your body. Knowing what your body lacks is an important component in ensuring proper nutrition.

Nutritional evaluation and recommendations

Proper nutrition works hand in hand with other therapies. Our bodies need the right fuel to encourage healing. We can help guide you to make better choices.

Optimum weight loss program

Dr. Cross designed this program to address the needs of his patients, using principles of nutrition and exercise. A structured, doctor-supervised program that works!

Custom orthotics

Using biomechanics, we can analyze the actions of the foot and lower leg. Sometimes, the structures of the foot don’t work together as they should. Problems can occur, leading to pain and dysfunction. Custom orthotics can help correct this dysfunction.

Wellness program

When your treatment plan ends, wellness care begins. Learn how to live your best life with optimal health.

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